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New Faculty Orientation

The First Weeks

We have created a New Faculty Orientation Canvas Site so you can complete orientation online. Please use Chrome or Firefox to access the site. You must have a GatorLink username and password created in order to access. The site is organized into modules and contains videos, helpful information and resources about the various departments on campus, a schedule of virtual information sessions, and links to classes and programs to help you navigate your first year at UF.

Please find below a schedule of synchronous Zoom information sessions for you to attend beginning the week of August 15th.  The Zoom Sessions will last 30-60 minutes and will consist of a department overview, critical resources, and time for Q&A.

Zoom Information Sessions

Benefits – In this session, you will learn about the various health insurance options available through the state of Florida and the University of Florida. You will also learn about retirement plans, supplemental benefit and voluntary retirement plans.

  • 8/15 from 10-11am |  Zoom Link | Passcode: 301583
  • 8/23 from 2-3pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 464748

UF Research – In this session, you will learn about the UF Research ecosystem, which connects faculty with the tools they need to succeed in their research and scholarship. It will cover how to obtain assistance with everything from finding and managing funding to connecting with core services like computing, specialized labs and libraries.

  • 8/17 from 10-11am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 807377
  • 8/25 from 2-3pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 095796

Office of the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) – The Chief Diversity Officer will provide an overview of her personal DE&I philosophy and an update on the CDO’s Office, the staff, and plans for the future. She will also cover information about the Building Inclusive Excellence at UF: A Three-Year Strategy and plans for the creation of the university’s inaugural Inclusive Excellence Blueprint. Lastly, she will provide an update on year one activities of the Three-Year Strategy, which includes assessment, personal and college level inventories, and listening sessions in late summer/early fall, 2022.

  • 8/16 from 2-2:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 561934
  • 8/22 from 10-10:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 146348

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) – Discover the teaching resources and supports the Center for Teaching Excellence has to offer! Our office provides workshops and teaching events designed to build a community of faculty members to share ideas and resources, strengthen teaching, and maximize learning. Learn how the CTE can support you as you advance your teaching career.

  • 8/17 from 2-2:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 784253
  • 8/25 from 10-10:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 084620

UF Libraries – This session will provide an overview of each of the six George A. Smathers Libraries. It will also cover important resources for faculty, including Subject Specialists, Subject Guides, Records Management, statewide UBorrow service, Scholarly Communications, and Academic Research Consulting & Services.

  • 8/18 from 10-10:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 703042
  • 8/24 from 2-2:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 306437

UF Information Technology (UFIT) – This session will provide an overview of HiPerGator, the University of Florida’s supercomputer. HiPerGator and HiPerGator AI infrastructure is available for research and instructional faculty. This session will also explain the consulting and training resources for UF supercomputing and the “AI Across the Curriculum” initiative now underway.

  • 8/18 from 2-2:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 731349
  • 8/24 from 10-10:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 115889

Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT) – This session will introduce faculty to various instructional practices, video services, training, and technology support services offered by UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training. A brief overview of services and online resources will be followed by Q&A.

  • 8/15 from 2-2:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 426022
  • 8/23 from 10-10:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 948032

Center for Undergraduate Research – This session will review how the Center for Undergraduate Research provides guidance to students and faculty interested in pursuing research and creative work opportunities and the coordination of campus research activities.

  • 8/18 from 3-3:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 867174

Disability Resource Center – This session will provide an overview to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) including resources available and how to connect students to the DRC.

  • 8/19 from 10-10:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 883263
  • 8/24 from 3-3:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 702726

International Center – This session will provide a brief overview of the role and services of the UF International Center, including support for international students, exchange visitors, study abroad programs, international agreements and travel. It will also cover UFIC’s programs and role in support of international research and global learning.

  • 8/19 from 11-11:30am | Zoom Link | Passcode: 080006
  • 8/22 from 2-2:30pm | Zoom Link | Passcode: 018600

The First Year

There are a variety of programs for faculty to take advantage of during their first year at UF. Below you will find a description and link with more information about each program.

First year Faculty Teaching Academy: This series is offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence and is designed for faculty in their first years of teaching at UF. You will learn how to create a great learning experience for your students while saving time and frustration. This series is available during the fall and spring semesters.

Managing at UF: The Supervisory Challenge: Offered by Training & Organizational Development of UF Human Resources, this program is designed to provide UF leaders with meaningful information about the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for being an effective manager in our diverse university environment. Based on the University of Florida’s Leadership/Management Competency Model, this certificate program includes a range of workshops free and open to all UF employees who are interested in learning more about being an effective manager.

Thrive @ UF: What are the universal skills for success in a higher education environment? Thrive @ UF is a core professional development program that answers this question and supports faculty and staff with programming focused on four key areas:  relationship dynamics, communications excellence, performance and productivity, and an improvement mindset.

Gators Together: This diversity and inclusion program is designed to increase performance and engagement by creating an inclusive environment for the diverse talents of all faculty and staff.

Experience UF: Tailored for new faculty and professionals, especially those who have recently relocated here, this program features monthly social networking events on campus. New faculty have the opportunity to meet campus and community leaders, as well as colleagues from across all disciplines. UF is very dedicated to helping new faculty and professionals develop a sense of belonging and connection.

Compliance Training:

  • Maintaining a Safe and Respectful Campus
  • FERPA for Faculty
  • Compliance and Ethics: Doing Your Part for the Gator Good
  • At-Risk for Faculty and Staff Kognito Training
  • Protecting UF: Information Security Training

Additional Resources