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Your Benefits Options

All new employees have 60 days in which to complete their benefits enrollment. Find the information you need to help you make these important choices.

Need help with your benefits?

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Benefits Eligibility and Enrollment

Based on your job classification, you may be eligible to enroll in one or more benefit programs. Carefully review all of the options before enrolling to ensure you’ve signed up for the plan you intended and to avoid duplication of enrolling in both a State of Florida and UF plan.

Health Insurance Plans

UF employees may choose from several health insurance plans options.  Find plan comparisons, information on premiums and links to plan details here.

Supplementary Health & Income Protection Plans

Both the State of Florida and UF offer active employees the opportunity to participate in optional, employee-pay-all supplemental (or voluntary) insurance plans.

Retirement Plans

New faculty and eligible TEAMS employees may choose one of three plans: the State University System Optional Retirement Program, the Florida Retirement System’s Florida Pension Plan, or the Florida Retirement System’s Florida Investment Plan.