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Getting Around Campus

An overview of campus transportation options is available at http://parking.ufl.edu/transit-commuting. A point-to-point “Campus Cab” is available for UF faculty and staff on the main campus, East Campus, and some UF facilities in Alachua.

A wheelchair-accessible cab is available upon request. Email campuscab@ufl.edu, call (352) 392-7433, or learn more at http://parking.ufl.edu/transit-commuting/campus-cab/.

Regional Transit System (RTS)

RTS provides public transportation covering most of Gainesville with frequent stops on bus routes throughout campus. It is a free benefit of employment with a Gator1 Card. For route information, please visit www.go-rts.com. A real-time GPS locator for buses is also available at ufl.transloc.com.


Gainesville and the University of Florida are bicycle-friendly communities, as many employees and students opt to ride their bikes to campus. When available, use bike lanes and always adhere to Florida’s bicycle laws. Most RTS buses are equipped with bicycle racks so you can take your bike with you. For more information about bikes at the University of Florida, see bikes.ufl.edu.

Carpool Program

UF’s carpool program encourages eligible University of Florida and UF Health faculty and staff members to share the ride to and from campus. Registered carpool members purchase their own annual carpool decals at about half the cost of an Orange or Blue faculty/staff decal. UF Zimride can help you find carpool partners by searching for other employees who live near you and have similar schedules and lifestyle preferences. For more information, visit zimride.com/ufl.

Gator Lift

Gator Lift provides reliable, convenient and free shuttle service to accessible locations within the boundaries of the campus of the University of Florida for students, faculty and staff with mobility related disabilities. Gator Lift service is provided Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 11 PM.
For more information, see Transportation & Parking’s Gator Lift page.

Gator Lift vehicles can accommodate ten passengers and up to two wheelchairs and are equipped with lifts for easy access. All drivers are trained to provide boarding assistance.

Gator Lift shuttle service is available ONLY to students, faculty and staff with temporary or permanent mobility-related disabilities. Non-disabled students, faculty and staff may not use this service.

Need to run an errand? Try ZipCar

Ten low-emission vehicles, including three hybrids, are available for use by anyone in the UF community. Pay from $8.50 an hour or $69 a day for the vehicle, gas, insurance, maintenance, a reserved parking space, 180 free miles per day, roadside assistance and 24-hour customer service. For more information, please visit www.zipcar.com/ufl.