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Before You Arrive

How to prepare for your arrival at the University of Florida

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Getting Started

Guidance for your first days and weeks at UF


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Your First 60 Days

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Beyond 60 Days

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COVID-19 Information

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UFHR Screening and Access to the Workplace

UF and UF Health are working together to provide as safe an environment as possible. These efforts include working with the State of Florida Department of Health as part of a contact tracing program. UF faculty, staff and students also will adopt protocols for appropriate physical distancing, hygiene and face coverings.

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UF Health Screen, Test & Protect

The Screen, Test & Protect initiative uses public health guidance and best practices aimed at fostering a culture of care for our community while taking steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as the University of Florida gradually returns faculty, staff and students to the campus environment.

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Our Plan Forward

Led by UF Health’s scientific and medical researchers, UF is implementing a plan to advance the success of our students, faculty and staff while prioritizing health and safety. This website is where you will find the details of that plan, including information for students & families, faculty & staff, and visitors.

Will Atkins

Associate Dean of Students and Senior Director

"Our hope is that we help support students in the academic environment while also creating space for them to find community and find support."

UF Multicultural & Diversity Affairs

Curtis Taylor

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity Liaison

"When we talk about DEI, it’s really about creating and ensuring that we have an environment of working and learning where people feel like they belong and are included, and that their voices are heard. It’s also about ensuring that systems, policies, practices and resources—that all of these things are fair and done in a fair way. And it’s also about ensuring that the make up of our faculty, staff and students is representative of the demographics of the local and state communities."

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Shannon Edwards

Director of University Benefits

“When you work in benefits, you’re working with employees at their most vulnerable times. There are the great highs, such as having a first child or the excitement of walking in the door about to retire, and lows, such as dealing with a diagnosis or a death. We’ve got employees at such a vulnerable time, and it’s gratifying to walk alongside them and help them.”

UF Human Resources

Will Atkins

Associate Dean of Students and Senior Director

"Our hope is that we help support students in the academic environment while also creating space for them to find community and find support."

UF Multicultural & Diversity Affairs

Latest News

Wondering about working remotely?

As we continue our efforts to prepare for the fall semester, many faculty and staff are working onsite at UF as they have in the past, practicing physical distancing and wearing masks or face coverings, while others remain working from remote locations. The ability to work at a remote location has been and continues to […]

A closer look at how screen, test, & protect works

In his email to the campus community on Monday, UF Health Screen, Test & Protect Director Michael Lauzardo, MD, MSc, shared how the small surge in COVID-19 that occurred in Alachua County in early June has slowed significantly, and prevalence is less than 1%. Learn more about the detective work involved in how tracing efforts work in this informative […]

Artificial intelligence partnership with NVIDIA will propel UF Research and scholarship

On Tuesday, UF announced a public-private partnership with NVIDIA that will help UF researchers address some of the world’s most formidable challenges, create unprecedented access to AI training and tools for underrepresented communities, and build momentum for transforming the future of the workforce. The university will be home to the most powerful AI supercomputer in […]

Return-to-workplace efforts required unprecedented teamwork

In early May, UF was already looking ahead to lay the groundwork for fall semester when it undertook its return-to-workplace efforts. Gathering the resources needed to send 26,000 faculty and staff through screening and recommended testing in just under two months, providing them with PPE and preparing our facilities for more employees to be back […]