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Celebrating UF’s core values

Last fall, President Fuchs called upon the UF community to set aside time during the spring semester to celebrate UF’s Core Values. The overarching goal of this initiative is to provide opportunities for education about and reflection on the importance of the UF Core Values in our respective roles and responsibilities.

Following the President’s call, the UF Core Values Task Force evaluated how best to engage the UF community in the initiative. The findings of this multidisciplinary group have led to a shift from one day set aside for collective focus on the UF Core Values to a broader, ongoing approach that will highlight these values through activities held throughout the year.

To help facilitate this effort, the Office of the President’s website now features a new section focused on UF’s Core Values. The site — https://president.ufl.edu/initiatives/uf-core-values/ — includes downloadable iconography and other visuals, templates for PowerPoint slides, and a flier to print and post. It also provides a guide for faculty, staff and students to engage in discussions about the UF Core Values and shares how some of our colleges and organizations are already championing them.

Everyone is encouraged to join the conversation about the UF Core Values this semester. If you would like to share ideas about how to get the conversation started, report how your UF team or organization is engaged in discussion or activities reflecting on the UF Core Values, or have questions about the launch of these conversations, please reach out to UF Core Values Task Force chair, Dr. Angela Lindner at alindner@aa.ufl.edu.

Published: February 7th, 2022

Category: News