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Wondering about working remotely?

Woman working on a laptopAs we continue our efforts to prepare for the fall semester, many faculty and staff are working onsite at UF as they have in the past, practicing physical distancing and wearing masks or face coverings, while others remain working from remote locations. The ability to work at a remote location has been and continues to be an option leaders may offer when it makes sense for both the workplace and the employee, in keeping with the Alternate Work Location Policy.

UF’s Alternate Work Location Policy includes considerations such as the nature of the job, resources available to support the request and supervisory discretion, based on a variety of factors that will vary from one department to the next. Some jobs may not be suitable for remote work based on the job duties or responsibilities. If you have questions about this, be sure to speak with your supervisor.

UF leaders looking for additional help with decision-making and planning can find it in this recorded session held earlier this summer, “Remote Work: To Be or Not To Be.” Further information on remote work may also be found on the UFHR website:

Published: August 20th, 2020

Category: News